In the early 1800's the Chivasso born and bred patissier Giovanni Podio judiciously mixed Piedmontese hazelnuts, sugar and egg whites together. These three ingredients are all that go into making this remarkable and highly refined confectionary. The "Nocciolini di Chivasso" (originally known as "Noasetti") owe their enduring fame to the two master confectioners Ernesto Nazzaro and Luigi Bonfante. Indeed it was Ernesto Nazzaro who in 1904 registered the patent

at the Ministery for Commerce of the Kingdom of Italy for his "Noasetti". He was presented with a certificate for his work which reads as follows: "Awarded the highest honour by the Comité d'Exposition Universelle - Paris - 1900". Luigi Bonfante was largely responsible for popularising Nocciolini throughout Italy and for changing the packaging from a tin to packaging wrapped in pink paper which nowadays has become synonymous with the product.


- Hazelnuts from Piedmont, sugar and egg whites.